Digital Signature Certificate

The digital signature certificate, or DSC as it is known, is becoming indispensable, especially when one is involved in transactions with corporations or with government institutions. One needs to sign documents digitally in the e-tendering process and for other purposes in pursuance of the Indian IT Act 2000. 99paisa offers services to customers to obtain digital signature certificates conforming to x509 standards of Public Key Infrastructure.

We assist clients to obtain the type of DSC they need. One can obtain a DSC that can be used only to sign digital documents such as tax returns. One can opt for DSC that can be used to encrypt a document such as when one submits e-tenders online. The third type is one that allows users to sign as well as encrypt, useful when transmitting sensitive information that must be fully secured. Validity of such DSCs is usually three years but not less than a year. We offer totally satisfactory, end to end DSC services.