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Instant Money Transfer across India – Paisa Nahi Rishte Banate Hai Hum

Ever wondered can money transfer be an easy task while making it to every different remote location of India? Certainly it may be! But only after you show a glitter of faith, trust and respect with 99paisa website.

There was a depth of time where sending money unlimitedly created different hurdles and barriers, especially transferring money to rural area were tough challenge, since it lacked essential telecommunication technology. Even sending money order through post office was not up to the mark with service.

Since 99paisa entered the e commerce industry, the money transfer facility became quite convenient and reliable medium onwards. Now the question arrives here is why trust our source only? Certainly you need to show all your faith with full of confidence since we (99paisa) are geo trust certified and most secured means to make all remittance with the money, hassle free.

Overcome your fear and formulate remittance with much ease through 99paisa

Our respect and loyalty towards the customer money has given a reason to launch our website absolutely spam free, free from cookies saved in browsing history related to your transaction identity, and keep it secured from getting hacked at any point of time. Under strict regulations of Reserve Bank of India, we are now proudly delivering our experience and services with the customers.

Surpass your apprehension since

  • 99paisa ensures of fast transactions with money transfer facility and makes no breakout or the congestions while making the transactions.
  • Successful delivery of all your transactions even during the national holiday, since we operate 24x7x365.
  • Regular SMS alerts would keep reminding with the transaction you made with further confirmation about its success after getting delivered.
  • Mobile friendly website to remove the hurdles while making money transfer only through laptops or personal computers.

Terms of Online Fraud to Identify while Money Transferring

Money transfer provision means you are in an agreement to dispense money, to person who you know well. Attention please! If you are in a mood to transfer money to unidentified stranger, you are at 100% risk of fraud. Never ever formulate such possibilities happening ever. 99paisa would keep reminding you with regular SMS alerts and emails regarding the norms and policies to act safe and smartly. Avoid transferring money to all those auction sales, made online it’s all a fraud and made to fool the users. To pay your taxes there is no need of money transfer service.

Note: You agree to use money transfer facility with all terms and agreements made while your sign up process and it is advised to be careful while adding your payees. In case you have entered wrong account details related to payee while registering, and the money has been transferred to wrong account, we (99paisa) shall not be responsible for such errors whatsoever situation arrives. We ensure best means with your privacy but adding wrong payee are not under our control. Act smartly!